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Powerdyne Inc. has developed a Patent Pending Steam Energy System that requires 50% less to produce the same energy. Powerdyne’s process also removes NOx, SOx and other emission impurities by an estimated 99% – well below EPA standards.

“Coal is one of the world’s most plentiful and inexpensive sources of energy. It is also one of the world’s largest sources of pollution and CO2. By doubling the amount of potential energy produced by coal, Powerdyne Inc. technology reduces the production cost of coal energy by half or more. With virtually no pollutants released, Powerdyne technology makes coal the least expensive source of clean energy in the world.”

The Powerdyne system can be installed at approximately 70% of the cost of today’s plants based on a comparative system in the particular country. It does not require the installation of large, expensive, and comparatively ineffective gas emission scrubbers as presently required on coal-fired power plants. The ease and relatively inexpensive installation of a Powerdyne system will make coal the clear energy source of choice for cleanliness, availability, and cost.

Financial & Environmental Advantages

  • It will stabilize and revitalize their investments in existing coal plants.
  • It will set the environmental bar far in excess of current EPA standards.
  • It will allow utilities to provide clean, abundant, affordable energy world wide well into the next century.