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posted by | Comments Off on BREAKING: Judge Rules Exxon Mobil Should Face Criminal Charges for Fracking Spill

The big energy companies have repeated over and over again that fracking is a harmless practice and there is never any danger to public health.

But Pennsylvania Magisterial District Judge James G. Carn does not agree, ruling that XTO Energy, a subsidiary of Exxon Mobil must face criminal charges stemming from the release of over 50,000 gallons of contaminated waste at a Marcellus Shale drilling site in 2010.

After a preliminary hearing, the judge ruled that the eight charges filed, which include violations of the state Clean Streams Law and the Solid Waste Management Act, should be “held for court,” meaning that the giant energy company must face felony charges in a court of law.

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posted by | Comments Off on Calif. PUC begins weighing utility costs of complying with greenhouse gas limits

The California Public Utilities Commission on March 24 opened a rulemaking to address utility cost and revenue issues associated with the state’s greenhouse gas emissions regulations, despite a state court order that casts doubt on what expenses utilities will pay.

In the unanimously approved order, the commission said the primary focus will be on the possible use of revenues that electric utilities may generate from auction of allowances allocated to them by the California Air Resources Board.

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