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On the heels of the Interagency Task Force on Carbon Capture and Storage meeting on May 6, 2010, in Washington, D.C, USA Green Energy Group, LLC announced a “Patent Pending Coal Combustion to Steam Process System” Today.

USA Green’s process system uses 50% less coal without reducing the production of steam. USA Green’s process system removes NOX, SOX and other emission impurities down to EPA standards while capturing 99.9% commercial grade CO2 which meets the EPA’s requirements for sequestration.
USA Green’s process system has been verified by fully licensed and registered United States based third party science and technology researchers and analysts. USA Green’s process system breakthrough can retrofit and nearly eliminate all emissions and pollutants from coal power plants, steel mills, refineries and other similarly situated fossil fuels.

USA Green Energy Group, LLC’s CEO says “the company has satisfied our strict benchmarks for performance for each phase of development. USA Green is positioned to dive in the clean energy technology sector and our timing could not be better. Environmental, national security, and the reliance of imports are all concerns at our national and global door steps, and I am pleased to bring our company to the next phase of operations as a solution to each of these concerns.”

USA Green’s units do not require traditional boiler system and can be installed utilizing existing steam turbine generators and power transmission without regular boiler room maintenance.
USA Green Energy, LLC owns this “Patent Pending Coal Combustion to Steam Process System” and the production and installation of their units does not require the installation of gas emission scrubbers presently required on coal combustion plants. Our system removes 99% of SOx and NOx in the exhaust stream.

With the installation of this “Patent Pending Coal Combustion to Steam Process System,” fuel costs are reduced by as much as 50% and SOx and NOx are eliminated.
Installing USA Green Energy Group, LLC’s process system is relatively easy and replaces existing coal fired boilers which keeps existing steam generators and removes the traditional boiler rooms.
“USA Green will make coal the economic and environmental energy source of choice and the availability of technology licensing agreements furnishes us with a worldwide market” says Hirson.

Contact: Geoff Hirson or Gus Shouse Joint CEO &  949.251.0620