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Powerdyne technology utilizes all carbonaceous material with unique efficiency. The result is greater energy output with less fuel and a minimum of pollution.

Alternative Uses for Powerdyne® Innovative Power Systems

Can clean exhaust/flue gas created from carbonaceous feed stocks, for:

  • Steel manufacturing
  • Cement production
  • Glass manufacturing and mirror lines
  • Gas and Diesel Generators, as well as Power Plants.

Leaders in Technological Innovation

  • Coal-fueled power plants are the largest source of electricity for people around the world.
  • As renewable sources remain expensive and inaccessible, can we take an existing technology and make it more efficient?
  • Powerdyne® technology replaces and updates current equipment involved in the energy-producing process, improving efficiency in every step from the initial coal pulverizing to burning, heat transfer, and turbine function.

Virtual Power Plant Layout


Powerdyne has just received a copy from the EPA of available and emerging technologies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from coal fired electric generating units. This report is dated October 2010 and is available for review.